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Unmissable Places in Sydney To Visit

In this article,Let’s learn more details below:Unmissable Places in Sydney To Visit

A lively city, Sydney has a vibrant cultural and arts scene, which makes it great to live in as well as visit. In this post, we will share with you some of the unmissable places in Sydney to visit during your trip.

Unmissable Places in Sydney

1. Sydney Opera House

unmissable places in Sydney: Sydney Opera House


When the relatively unknown Danish architect Jørn Utzon won the competition to design Australia’s national opera house, he probably didn’t know his design would go down in history as one of Sydney’s most famous landmarks. Stroll along the harbor and take in the pearly white exterior for free, or opt for a guided tour inside. If you really want to splurge, purchase a ticket for an upcoming opera – the incredible acoustics alone are well worth the price tag.

2. Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Sydney Harbour Bridge or “Coathanger,” as locals call it, was the city’s best-known landmark prior to the construction of the Sydney Opera House. Supported by massive double piers at each end, it was built in 1932 and remains the world’s largest steel arch bridge, connecting the harbor’s north and south shores in a single curve rising 134 meters above the water. Along its length run two railway lines and eight lanes for road traffic, the direction of which can be varied according to traffic flow. Increasing bridge traffic encouraged the construction of a harbor tunnel in 1992 to ease congestion, but motorists can still drive over the bridge for blue-water views. Pedestrians can stroll across on walkways or join a guided ascent through BridgeClimb for a breathtaking panorama of the city and harbor.

3. Taronga Zoo Sydney

Taronga Zoo Sydney


Against the backdrop of the Sydney CBD skyline, Taronga Zoo in Mosman is a fantastic day out for young and old. There are various ways to get to Taronga Zoo, but the ferry trip from Circular Quay is by far the best way.

Quietly tucked away on the north side of Sydney Harbour with superb views of the city, Taronga Zoo is Australia’s largest zoo with great shows and close encounters with a wide range of different types of animals.

4. Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

Situated next to the Opera House and facing Sydney’s impressive city skyline, the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney is home to an enormous collection of exotic plants from all around the world.

The Royal Botanic Garden was established in 1816 and is Australia’s oldest botanic garden and scientific institution. Wandering through this 30 hectares large green oasis is an absolute delight.

Popular with both tourists as well as with local office workers, the Botanic Garden is a quiet place where people can visit to learn more about science, gardens, plants, and horticulture.

5. The Rocks

unmissable places in Sydney: The Rocks


This is one of the unmissable places in Sydney. On a tongue of land protruding into Sydney Harbour, the Rocks historic area was once home to the Gadigal aboriginal people and later became the country’s first site of European settlement. The name of the Rocks comes from the rocky coast on the west side of Sydney Cove, where the convicts pitched their tents. Today, more than 100 heritage sites and buildings jostle along the narrow streets, including Sydney’s oldest surviving house, Cadman’s cottage, built-in 1816.

6. Observatory Hill

For breathtaking 360-degree views of Sydney, a visit to Observatory Hill is a must. The grassy knoll is the perfect place to spread a picnic blanket, open a bottle of wine and kick back to watch the sun go down over the harbor. Built to tell the time accurately via astronomical observations, the time ball on the roof still drops at 1 pm. You can take a tour of the observatory, or even join a stargazing class at night.

7. Queen Victoria Building

Queen Victoria Building


A high point of Sydney shopping is the Romanesque-style Queen Victoria Building (“QVB”), linked by underground arcades with Town Hall Station. Originally built as a market hall between 1893 and 1898, this elegant building is crowned by a high central dome surrounded by 20 smaller domes. After decades of neglect and even plans for demolition, this grand sandstone building was restored to its original state in the early 1980s. Today, more than 200 high-end shops line their light-filled galleries. It’s worth a visit, even for those who shun the shops, just to admire its successful restoration, as well as its beautiful stained glass windows and mosaic floors.


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