Top Tourist Attractions in Los Angeles

Top Tourist Attractions in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a culturally diverse city with a reputation for being the creative center of America. Visitors will find a thriving culinary scene, incredible shopping, outstanding museums, and fun family attractions.In this article,Let’s learn more details below:Top Tourist Attractions in Los Angeles

Tourist Attractions in Los Angeles

1. Universal Studios Hollywood

tourist attractions in Los Angeles: Universal Studios Hollywood


Universal Studios Theme Park is known for its mind-blowing rides based on blockbuster movies, but it is also a working movie studio and an attraction everyone can enjoy. The highlight for most people is the ever-changing selection of rides, which range from simulators to roller-coasters. Favorite movie and TV-themed rides and sets include The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, The Walking Dead, The Simpsons, and Transformers.

To save time standing in long lines consider purchasing a Skip the Line: Front of Line Pass at Universal Studios Hollywood. This handy ticket gives you one-time fast entry to each of the park’s rides, attractions, and shows, as well as behind-the-scenes access to select attractions.

2. Venice Beach

tourist attractions in Los Angeles: Venice Beach


Venice Beach has long been known as the bohemian epicenter of California, and while the area gets plenty of mainstream tourists, it still boldly embraces its eccentric spirit. Abbot Kinney has transformed into a high-end ’hood over recent years, but the boardwalk is still a, let’s say, unique place for people watching, with radical pamphleteers, skateboarders and body builders all making their presence known. Grab lunch at the local Figtree’s Café before browsing the shelves at Small World Books. This vibrant district is welcoming to all walks of life.

This is one of the best tourist attractions in Los Angeles that you must visit when traveling.

3. Getty Center

Getty Center


The main branch of the J. Paul Getty Museum is in Brentwood, surveying Los Angeles from its hilltop roost.

The museum’s founder was petro-industrialist Jean Paul Getty, who left another $661m to the institution when he passed away in 1976. This went towards a spectacular and labyrinthine new complex, the Getty Center, which opened in 1997 after almost two decades of planning and construction.

Linked to its lower car park by a hovertrain, the Getty Center is a multifaceted attraction.

You’ll fall in love with architecture by Pritzker Prize-winner Richard Meier, the ever-changing Central Garden, the Cactus Garden, the outdoor sculpture and the knockout views, not to mention the astonishing art collection within (Medieval times to the present).

4. Disneyland Resort

tourist attractions in Los Angeles: Disneyland Resort


Just outside Los Angeles, Disneyland is California’s premier family vacation destination, attracting visitors since the 1950s. Disneyland Park, with rides and experiences in elaborately created theme sets, is what most people picture when they imagine Disneyland. The Disneyland California Adventure Park, created during one of the expansions, holds even more action and adventure, with seven lands based on movie themes.

Beyond the rides and Disney characters wandering the streets, the resort also offers a full complement of features and services for a complete vacation. Hotels, restaurants, shopping, and all kinds of entertainment options are available at Disneyland Resort.

5. Griffith Park

Griffith Park


Griffith Park is a rough-hewn wilderness, incorporating a chunk of the Santa Monica Mountains and streaked with trails for walking and horseback riding.

The Los Angeles Zoo is here, and there are two public golf courses (Harding and Wilson), train and pony rides for youngsters, tennis courts, lots of concession stands and picnic grounds.

The Hollywood Sign is in the park’s boundaries, and can be reached on a tough hike.

Just above is a majestic but unmarked 360° viewpoint, taking in both Hollywood and Burbank behind.

6. Griffith Observatory

Griffith Observatory


Sure, you can’t see all that much through its enormous telescope, but you can still spend a few hours browsing around the Griffith Observatory quite happily. There’s the popular Hall of the Sky and Hall of the Eye, a pair of complementary displays that examines the interplay between people and space. The building itself is the star attraction though—and the stunning view of the city from Griffith Park makes it worthy of a visit whether you’re a space buff or not.

7. Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)

Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)


The largest art museum in the western United States, and one of the largest museums of any description in the country, LACMA on Wilshire Boulevard’s Miracle Mile is in a mishmash of seven buildings on a 20-acre site.

The collections are mind-bendingly vast, covering all ends of the earth and from the ancient times to the present.

For the smallest summary there are inventories of Greek, Roman And Etruscan art, American and Latin American art, modern and contemporary art, Islamic art, Asian art, decorative arts, photography and film as well as eye-catching permanent art installations.


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